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An Initiative for Uncertain Times

During these uncertain times of Covid -19 when the World is struggling, we have launched 'Project CALM' to combat these stressful times and instill Hope. Mental Preparedness, Mindfulness, Positive Mindset and Alternate Perception are the pillars of this project that bring about happiness even in changing times .


'Project CALM' propagates that Mental Health of an individual is a joint responsibility between the person and his environment. Hence, the emphasis lies on a culmination of an individual's internal as well as external factors.

For more information on the details of the project, please contact us.

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Leadership Simplified

Prowess Endurance Ability and Knowledge - PEAK is a project formulated by Mandhyan Care to prepare future leaders and support existing ones.

Leadership Mindset, Vision to Excel, Emotional Quotient, and Result Orientation - this is the essence of Project PEAK. Leaders differentiate themselves from others by the Positive attitude and focus that they carry.

Project PEAK has been structured in a way to develop successful corporate mindsets to enable the workforce lead their careers with optimism and ambition. The emphasis on creating intrinsically motivated individuals with a drive to achieve.

For more information on the details of the project, please contact us.

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Inspiring Lives, Changing Perceptions.

Project HAPPINESS is the core idea behind Mandhyan Care's philosophy of Positive Mental Health. Happiness is something that everyone is in pursuit of, but do we ever get there or is it always floating? Is it Happiness or satisfaction that we should be after? How can one stay happy during challenging times? 

Project HAPPINESS contains the ideas of Happiness vs Satisfaction, Inspiration vs Motivation, Adapting to changes, and Cherishing small life goals. We think of Happiness not as the final destination but as a wonderful journey with many junctions of bliss. The Project aims at creating awareness about Happiness as a means towards the end goal of Positive Mental Health. 

For more information on the details of the project, please contact us.

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Learn from the Extraordinary to Achieve your Dreams

We bring to you Project 'LEAD' with an aim to improve the mental well-being of the population at large. The Project has been designed to create awareness and inspiration and is nonprofit. This project involves connecting the population at large with inspirational leaders and experts from various domains. The Leader gets the opportunity to spread their teachings and experiences to a wider spread of people whereas the Audience gets to learn from their success stories.

For the Experts

As an expert and a success story in your field, you are an enabler. We believe that your realistic guidance can facilitate overall well-being, through which the population at large, can benefit immensely.


You will be able to reach out to people currently not in your immediate domain and expand the spread of your teachings.


We want to specifically promote your thoughts because our organization believes in and follows what you teach.

For the Audience

The Audience will get well-curated content from the experts to work on these aspects of well-being. Project 'LEAD' aims at inspiring people in different facets of their life.

For more information on the details of the project, please contact us.

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Upcoming Events/Webinars


Webinar on:

'Building a Positive Mindset'

Date : 25th July 2020      Time : 4pm-5.30pm

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