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Live Session and Q&A on:

'Building a Positive Mindset'

Focus on Silver Linings rather than Stumbling Blocks.


Hosting Software: Zoom (Link will be provided on e-mail post-registration)

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Would you like to learn ways to find Inspiration in these uncertain times?

Do you want to measure how Positive your thoughts are?

Would you like to learn the power of self-talk?

Do you want to face challenging projects head-on and change your expectations from negative to positive?

Do you want to strike a healthy balance between remaining practical and being positive?

If your answer to any of these questions is YES, this 90-minute session is tailor-made to make you learn ways to develop a healthy & balanced mindset and lead your thoughts.

This is your Psychologist and Award-winning Happiness Coach, Sakshi Mandhyan.

I have planned an intensive session to help you understand the importance of approaching things positively, and being inspired rather than motivated. By the end of the session, you will learn all about the power of positivity and how to adopt it as a way of life.


In continuation to our objective of building mental health awareness during today's uncertain times, we bring to you a transformational session on 'Building a Positive Mindset'. One of the root causes of stress and disassociation is an unhealthy mindset. An unhealthy mindset carries feelings of self-doubt, fear of future, and amplifies the negative aspects of each task at hand.

It is well-known that carrying an overall positive outlook can make life run smoother, help form deeper bonds with people, and improve productivity at work. But, how can one achieve this outlook? And why is so tough not to be dominated by negative thoughts in everything we do? Well, there is a one word answer to these questions - 'Mindset'.

In the Webinar, we will discuss the following broad points in detail:

  • What is a Mindset? What kinds of Mindsets exist?

  • Self-talk and its importance

  • Measure how positive or negative your thinking is

  • Motivation vs Inspiration - Difference and which is more relevant?

  • How to lead one's mind?

  • Why it is important to live in the present?

  • What is Optimism Bias?

  • Effect of Positive Affirmations

The session will also include activities and assessments to measure the level of positive thinking that each participant possesses.



Understand the meaning of 'Mindset' and Positive Thinking


Measure the level of Positivity in your thoughts


Learn Techniques & Tips, and Attitudes necessary for a 'Positive Mindset'



Know the important difference between

Motivation and Inspiration


How to avoid 'Optimism Bias' and stay realistic?

Learn the power of Self-talk and how to lead your mind

Feedback for our session on 'Anxiety Management'

Sakshi Mandhyan shares her natural skills of empathy, gentleness & patience, while guiding her participants through scientifically sound, lucidly organized & incisively practical information, which makes her workshop confident of & competent at addressing a wide cross-section of participants' expectations. I am grateful for having got to experience it & am bound to further recommend her & Mandhyan Care.

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