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Resilient Humans.

Mindful Work Forces.

Meaningful Lives.​

We equip humans to unravel the power of positive mental well-being.

"Happiness is not the absence of problems,

but the ability to deal with them"

- Steve Maraboli

The 'Thought' behind Mandhyan Care

An amalgamation of MANN (the soul) and DHYAAN (meditation), speaks for itself as mind and body alignment. This is the philosophy that drives us to achieve our goals.

We envision a confident, resilient, mindful, and happy workforce that is constantly looking for ways to improve. Our focus remains on developing individuals into tomorrow's leaders, preparing them to climb the ladder with belief and inspiration. 

In the broader context, we aim to create stigma-free workplaces that promote positivity, emotional-well being, and inclusion.

Mandhyan Care is associated with a number of Fortune 500 companies since the last 8 years, delivering services for a range of requirements.

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Our Vision

Positive Mental Health

Positivity is at the forefront of Mandhyan Care’s vision. A Workforce which is positive looks to improve each day and performs daily tasks which much less effort.

We aim to develop a positive work culture using practicable techniques, response systems and constructive emotions. Techniques used to achieve this have been developed with both target groups as well as individuals in mind.

Pro-Emotional Well-being

The emotional well-being of employees is often overlooked and underprioritized as ‘to each is own’ is the general principle and delivery of work is the only focus.

At Mandhyan Care, we aim to build awareness around the correlation of Emotional well-being with productivity. This is achieved by creating teams that work towards overall satisfaction of their personnel through positivity and motivation.


Leaders & Followers

A Leader is one who can motivate people to get inspired from within. Leadership is a quality developed through experience, initiative, and a strong identity. 

Mandhyan Care wants to prepare future leaders through the inculcation of a visionary mindset, high emotional quotient, and stress management. We have also developed modules wherein existing leaders can connect with future leaders for healthy flow of thoughts, experiences and pro tips.

Stigma-free Work Culture

A Workplace that eliminates Stigma from its environment promotes equality and cohesion. We envision healthy, educated and fully accessible work environments where employees can work with a sense of pride.

Our objective here is to address why Stigma is counter-productive and detrimental to an employee’s mental health. We aim to remove taboos, promote leadership and build a sense of ownership amongst teams and individuals.

Diversity & Inclusion

Each person is a unique set of skills and traits. An optimum blend of such qualities makes an organization stand out and sought after.

We have programmes designed around this idea to promote diversity in terms of gender, language, orientation, and preferences. This module helps the Workforce develop a sense of cohesiveness and responsibility.

Employee Relations

A well-connected workforce through mutually beneficial relationships is a major plus point for any organization.

Although the feelings of comparison, jealousy, and oneupmanship are unavoidable in any team, a transformation of these negative thoughts into better focus, healthy competition, and motivation to achieve can do wonders. Mandhyan Care has developed modules on these lines to make employees understand the advantages of better professional relationships.

Events & Activities


Live Session and Q&A on:

'Winning over Anxiety and Finding Calmness'

Manage Anxiety during today's turbulent times.


1.5 Hours

Date :

To be Announced

Module (4 Live Sessions and Q&A) on: 

'Depression: Coping, Fighting & Eliminating'

Learn ways to build resilience and discover meaning in life.



4 Sessions (1.5 Hours each)

Date :

To be Announced


Live Session and Q&A on: 

'Building a Positive Mindset' (25 July 2020)


23 Ratings & 14 Testimonials

  • Practical methods to self-assess and develop a positive mindset discussed in an interactive environment.

  • Participation from 6 countries including Ireland, Australia, and Italy.

  • Overwhelming feedback with 70% participants giving a 5/5 overall score.

  • 70% participants gave a 5/5 score for the relevance and effectiveness of the tips & techniques discussed.

Webinar and Q&A on: 

'Winning over Anxiety and Finding Calmness' (5 July 2020)


19 Ratings & 7 Testimonials

  • Assessments to develop mindfulness and ways to fight Anxiety discussed, ending with a productive Q&A session.

  • Participation across all age-groups and professions.

  • Overwhelming feedback with 65% participants giving a 5/5 overall score on the Webinar.

  • 60% participants gave a 5/5 score for the level of understanding and relevance of tips & techniques.

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