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Webinar on:

'Winning over Anxiety and Finding Calmness'

Manage Anxiety during today's turbulent times.


Hosting Software: Zoom (Link will be provided on e-mail post-registration)

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Are you getting constantly worried?

Do you feel restless?

Are you unable to deal with negative thoughts?

Unknown times and future bothering you?

Are you unable to focus?

Are you battling anxiety and fear?

If Yes, then this 90-minute session is designed especially for overcoming these issues.

This is your Psychologist and Award-winning Happiness Coach, Sakshi Mandhyan.

I have designed an intensive session to help you understand your signs & symptoms. By the end of the session, you will learn how to manage unwanted anxiety and be more calm.


The current environment that we are living in is an unprecedented one: lives have changed, livelihoods have become tougher, social interaction is not as enjoyable, and on top of that: there is anxiety about whether life will ever be the same again? 

Anxiety hangs around everyone's life quite regularly, while for some it settles down and becomes a way of life. It needs to be recognized and managed in a continuous manner to bring about overall well-being i.e. mental as well as physical. While many of us know 'mental tension' can be harmful, there is a general misconception between Anxiety, Stress, and Depression. It is important to understand this distinction clearly so that each one of us can move towards positive mental health and being mindful of our thoughts.

'Finding Calmness' aims to address and crack open these matters, broadly covering:

  • the 'Concept of Anxiety'

  • difference between Anxiety, Stress, and Depression in real-life situations

  • how Anxiety manifests itself in various ways

  • how connected you are with your body

  • tips and techniques to manage Anxiety

  • how to be mentally prepared for stressful situations

  • simple ways to lead a more stable life

  • an easy to remember acronym that you can use in all stressful situations.

The Webinar will also consist of an Interactive Quiz followed by a short discussion on the results. 



Know about the Signs & Symptoms of Anxiety


Find Out How Connected you are with your body


Learn Techniques & Tips to Win over Anxiety and 'Find Calmness'



Being more mindful of your thoughts and body language.


'Finding Calmness' to lead a more stable and peaceful life.

Be better mentally prepared for tougher life situations #selfcare

What People Say

Over the course of my sessions with Sakshi, I realised that there was a visible and firm improvement in not just my ability to better vent my emotions but also the subtle change in my outlook towards other important aspects of life.

Pranav Awasthi,


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